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Mario Marino Mario Marino Vita→ Vita
La Bravade du Sud

June 16 – August 31 2018

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Les amis, 2017

From 16 June till 31 August 2018 the Berlin Galerie Hilaneh von Kories is showing the new series “La Bravade du Sud” by Austrian photographer Mario Marino. His celebrated portrait studies impressed the audience internationally already; around the turn of 2016/2017 Marino also showed a selection of photographs successfully in the Galerie Hilaneh von Kories. Lately, the photographer travelled to the South of France. In his new series he presents the traditional celebration of the arguably most famous village located by the Côte d’Azur: the legendary Bravade of Saint Tropez. The festivities are part of an ancient tradition in the area of the Provence. Marino’s black and white documentary series is an homage to all the participants and a visual experience for the viewer. Gun smoke in the air, ever and anon a drum roll and the bright play of piccolo flutes: for three days life in Saint Tropez is all about parades and processions, people wear historical costumes and life is determined by the big and cheerful event during the Bravade du Sud. Every year, during the time between 16 and 18 May it is merely impossible to find a quiet spot around the citadelle and the Old Harbour.

Mario Marino: Le jeune garçon, 2017
Le jeune garçon, 2017
Mario Marino: L‘ explosion de joie, 2017
L‘ explosion de joie, 2017
Mario Marino: La jeune fille, 2017
La jeune fille, 2017

The tradition of the Bravade consists since the 16th century and is celebrated annually since then. It is a merge of military and religious celebrations honouring the former civil militia and remembering the local patron saint’s martyrdom: Saint Torpès, Roman known as Officer Caïus Silvius Torpetius, who refused to renounce forcefully from Christianity and was hence beheaded by order of emperor Nero in May 68 AD in Pisa. His mortal remains travelled in a boat together with a cock and a dog via the river Arno and the open sea to Saint Tropez.

During the three days of Bravade, the local people impersonate different roles, like the captain, the major, the musketeers, the sailors and the Bravadeurs. They wear historical uniforms and perform traditional rituals: artillery gun salutes, serenades, consecration of armor as well as a procession through the town. The people of Saint Tropez are proud of their tradition, which is not surprising since they not only celebrate the festivities but also become the center of attention. Namely, only native-born Tropezians are allowed to partake actively. Nevertheless, there is always an enthusiastic crowd of visitors - amongst them was also Mario Marino. The photographer witnessed the celebrations last year where it already took place for the 459th time, which makes it one of the oldest traditions in the Provence. Mario Marino took his camera right in the middle of the events. His series consists of black and white photographs which are very closely observed and which tell a story of curiosity and adventurous spirit from the festival in the streets.

Mario Marino:
Les copains, 2017

Les copains, 2017

  Mario Marino:
Les joueurs de flûte, 2017

Les joueurs de flûte, 2017

Again and again, Marino shifts from young to old faces and draws them into the focus of his camera. He invites the viewer to dive in instantaneously and straight into the events. Quiet moments are shown as well as turbulent aspects of the folk festival. The unique mix of historical costumes, summery scenery and vibrant street celebration simply spring to life in Marinos black and white photographs. This documentary series enthuses not only the visitors of the exhibition but also honours the participants of the festivity.

Mario Marino was born in 1967 in Hall in Tirol, Austria. He lives and and works as a freelance photographer in Germany since the year 2000. On his travels through Europe, Africa, Cuba, India, Nepal and Mexico he created several portrait series with an intense character mainly influenced by Marino’s empathetic picture language. Mario Marino’s work was exhibited nationally and internationally in the last couple of years in numerous galleries and museums; amongst others in Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Bristol, Brussels, Cologne, Dubai, Edinburgh, Essen, Geneva, Miami und Munich. Furthermore, he was published and covered in scores of national and international publications: e.g. Artnet, British Journal of Photography, Daily Photo News, Evening Standard, The Washington Post, The Guardian, National Geographic (Daily Dozen), Profi Foto, PhotoZoom Magazine, The Independent, Die Welt and Vogue.

Mario Marinos Werke wurden in den letzten Jahren von zahlreichen Galerien und Museen national und international ausgestellt; unter anderem in Amsterdam, Basel, Berlin, Bristol, Brüssel, Köln, Dubai, Edinburgh, Essen, Genf, Miami und München. Zudem wurde in zahlreichen nationalen und internationalen Publikationen über Mario Marino und seine Fotografien berichtet: u.a. Artnet, British Journal of Photography, Daily Photo News, Evening Standard, The Washington Post, The Guardian, National Geographic (Daily Dozen), Profi Foto, PhotoZoom Magazine, The Independent, Die Welt und Vogue.

His first large scale picture book was currently released in Kerber Verlag: Die Magie des Augenblicks. Portraits aus Indien. (The magic of the moment. Portraits from India.)

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Mario Marino: VitaOpen vita

Mario Marino
La Bravade du Sud

June 16 – August 31 2018

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 2–7 pm
Sat, June 16, 2017 1 – 4 pm

Galerie Hilaneh von Kories
Belziger Straße 35
10823 Berlin
Fon: +49 (30) 787 13 65 0

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